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"At Shopology we love working with retail places, spaces and people, to optimise potential, improve performance, and enhance customer experiences. We are a retail consultancy all about creating impact, so we use robust research methods to produce valuable data and recommendations for our clients. At the same time, we also think retail should be fun, exciting and enjoyable for everyone, so we inject a healthy dose of creativity and imagination into everything we do." 

Louise Grimmer

Founder + Principal

Louise is one of Australia's leading retail marketing researchers and advisors. Louise is a 2021 Fulbright Scholar, a Senior Fellow of the Institute of Place Management in the UK, and Member of the International Place Branding Association and Mainstreet Australia. Louise's research focuses on consumer behaviour, retail marketing, improving retail precincts and encouraging visitation.


Louise is passionate about retail places - streets, CBDs,  arcades, malls and shopping centres, and the role that local stores have to play in attracting visitors, workers, tourists, shoppers and residents. She has a PhD in Retail Marketing and a Masters in Public Relations and Communications. Her research is published internationally and she is very active in the media, providing expert commentary on retail, marketing and consumer behaviour on radio and television and for print and online media outlets.


Louise has worked as a national radio presenter at the ABC, she is a regular contributor to 'The Conversation', and is the 'Retail Therapy' columnist for The Mercury newspaper. In addition to public speaking, Louise is an experienced host, presenter, facilitator and MC.​

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"We provide our clients with valuable qualitative and quantitative data, insights and recommendations, to improve retail places, revitalise retail spaces and select and support the very best retail people."

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Simon Overland, General Manager, Burnie City Council

"Thank you very much for your presentation and facilitation of our workshop on Revitalising Burnie's CBD. I found it really helpful and we have had very positive feedback from all involved."
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